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I’m Lauren Riddle


Hair is not just a style, it's a statement of your personality, reflecting your elegance and charm.

I am a professional hairstylist and passionate blogger, dedicated to exploring the latest trends in haircuts and colors. I find joy in capturing the transformations of my clients, am a connoisseur of creative hair dyes, and thrive in the dynamic world of hair fashion.



This blog is my creative space on the internet to showcase innovative hairstyles, share insights on color techniques, offer tips for hair care, and provide tutorials on styling. It’s a platform for me to discuss the artistry behind hairstyling, share my journey in this ever-evolving field, and inspire others with the beauty of hair design.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.“

― Coco Chanel


I am a hairstylist and hair fashion enthusiast, a dedicated capturer of stunning hair transformations, a lover of unique hair colors and styles, a Starbucks aficionado, and I thrive in the bustling world of beauty and haircare.

This blog is my dedicated corner of the internet to share the latest hair trends and styles, offer tips on hair care and coloring, reveal my favorite hair products, provide insights into the hairstyling industry, and discuss the creativity behind hair artistry. It’s a space for me to connect with others who share a passion for all things hair, and to inspire and be inspired by the beauty and versatility of hair.


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